As the smartphone becomes the hub for individuals’ digital lives, more and more companies are forced to adapt and innovate in the fast-paced mobile market. To be in the market and cater to everchanging needs and requirements of the companies and the end-users alike, the organization must possess correct information. A thoroughly researched and anlayzed information!

And that’s where Vmak comes in!!

Vmak provides end-to-end analysis and advice on the future of the mobile and telecommunications industry — from silicon and devices to networks, apps, services and subscribers.

We offer in-depth telecommunications industry analysis and market research that help companies understand the business models of the leading mobile players, including device OEMs, intellectual property holders, network operators and media companies.

Vmak provides high end consulting of custom competitive assessments, market entry strategies, market sizing, business analyses and technical evaluations for companies with express interest in the telecommunications industry.


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